Here we are publishing our weekly release notes, changes and bugfixes … (in English only)

14th AUGUST 2019


  • Fixed Template settings for privacy settings and embed-style

5th AUGUST 2019

New Features:

  • Adapt some style issues in ‘collection’-page

  • Switching back and forth between collection views now saves your last position in the stream of content

  • Data Upload: more error-handling assistance when detecting TIME and GEO info in the column header

  • Sort by ‘impressions’ (clicks on charts to open in editor)


  • Fixed SVG download bug on specific viewport settings

  • 0,0 will now be recognized as a valid number on data upload

  • Fixed bug that prevented description from scrolling

  • Bubble-map tooltip does now open when using search

24th JULY 2019

New Features:

  • Click-event reporting

    • Customers can use their own tracking solution to analyze viewer-interaction with embedded visuals

  • New administrative borders for

    • Sachsen Wahlkreise

    • Erlangen Wahlbezirke

  • Profile Clean-up

    • color preferences and geographical preference settings now look similar

    • geographical preferences can now also be managed in the editor (look out for the ‘globe’)

  • a little restyle of preview-cards and sorting through-out the application

  • Adding a third privacy-setting “link sharing”:

    • In contrast to “public” and “private” settings, a user can share links without having the content being listed publicly on the plattform.


  • Fixed upload-editor bug that prevented scrolling in the editor

  • Fixed display-bug for table alignment

17th JULY 2019

New Features:

  • Data Upload 2.0

    • now comes with color-coded support in error-handling!

    • use 1 of 3 ways to create a table:

      • type in your numbers by hand

      • upload a csv-file

      • copy-paste a table from excel/spreadsheet/libre calc/html/…

    • autodetection of decimal-separator and thousands-separator

    • a new and improved data - table -view for more “excel-like” behavior in editing your table

      • adding / deleting rows and columns

      • navigating with cursors and tabs

    • autodetection of data-types (GEO, TIME, NUMBER, TEXT) based on probability scores

      • now supporting 55 date-types

    • improved error-handling for duplicated rows in the data

    • search - find and replace in columns or the entire data-table for effective data-cleaning

    • clean your column names

      • declare the first row of data as column names

      • declare the column headers as the first row of data

    • autodetect completely empty rows and columns

    • autodetect “groups” of numeric columns (activated by check-box)

      • automatic rearrangement of the data for more chart-options

    • Warning-message for unresolved errors in the data-table

      • automatic errorhandling might delete/ignore erroneous cells

  • Editor Enhancements

    • restyle of preview settings - now more in line with our general style

    • edit mode -> filter and axis got their own icons and overlays (which are drag and closeable)

    • unique invisual filters are now only shown if they are in the visual


  • when downloading in the editor your preview settings were resetted

  • fixed a problem that occured with the lobster font on old content

  • fixed a problem on safari that prevented clipboard usage when copying embed code and direct link

  • fixed a bug that prevented scrolling in the editor

10th JULY 2019

  • an alternate IframeEmbed Code - works in Google AMP

  • Bugfixes:

    • In Atlas: editing a description-field does no longer overwrite other description-fields of same atlas or report.

  • Coming Soon:

    • A new and improved data-upload…

4th JULY 2019

  • Download PNG now supports

    • layout features

    • MAPS

  • Bugfixes:

    • Zero-Grid-line of linechart is now behind any series-lines

    • Tooltip close-button now shows the correct styling

    • negative values in barcharts are now back to their correct position

26th JUNE 2019

  • Added new preview for different screen sizes while editing to test embed settings.

  • Move around some features within the editor

    • Templates, Updates and “Discard Changes” moved from the bottom to the right menu structure.

  • Templates do now support chart/map layouting.

  • General performance improvments in charts and maps (through refactored lazy-loading)

  • Faster loading times (through refactored css bundling)

  • Bugfixes:

    • some specifications in user-specific value range in charts rendered weird data. fixed.

12th June 2019

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed backwards-compatibility issues with ancient maps.

    • Fixed map legend issues (alignment, formatting options)

7th June 2019

  • Custom Layouting for charts and maps now available

    • rearrange elements like title, footer, logo, etc. the way you like

  • Customize chart/map descriptions overlay WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)

  • Improved map-search function

  • Bugfixes:

    • Performance improvements for IE11 and Edge

    • Date-formatting works now with German localization too.